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Trinity Legal eSolutions, Inc.
2005 I Street Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95811
Tel: 916-476-6376
Fax: 916-476-6375

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We use the latest digital scanning software and most advanced media duplication technology. This ensures that your e-discovery is never compromised.

Electronic Discovery

  • Import electronic files (native files), e-mails and scanned documents
  • Extract text and metadata
  • Convert native files to TIFF or Image file
  • Process hundreds of different file types simultaneously
  • Perform de-duplication and culling
  • Search extracted text, meta-data and OCR
  • Export tiff or native production
  • Image branding(bates numbering)

Standard Bibliographic Coding

  • Standard Bibliograpic Coding Fields Include:
  • Beginning document (BegDoc)
  • Ending document (EndDoc)
  • Beginning attachment (BegAtt)
  • Ending attachment (EndAtt)
  • Document Date (DocDate)
  • Document Type (DocType)
  • Document Title (DocTitle)
  • Document Author (Author)
  • Document Recipient (Recipient)
  • Document Copyee / Blind Carbon Copy (CC)

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Official Concordance Distributor